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Minimum age and mandatory insurance for drone users

Minimum age for drone users

In Germany, the minimum age for flying a drone is 16 years. Drones classified as toys in accordance with Directive 2009/48/EC (German only) are exempt from these rules. Equally, this minimum age does not apply to privately built drones with a weight of up to 249 g. Moreover, persons under the age of 16 years may fly a drone if they are under the direct supervision of a person who complies with the relevant conditions for operating drones. In this case, the supervising remote pilot is responsible for conducting the flight.

Mandatory insurance for drone users

In accordance with section 1 of the Civil Aviation Act (LuftVG) (German only), a drone is considered to be an aircraft. Thus, in accordance with section 43 of the LuftVG (German only), drone operators are obliged to take out liability insurance in order to cover their liability for compensation in the event of damage. Section 37 of the LuftVG (German only) lays down the minimum sum of insurance coverage. The insurance certificate must always be at hand when operating the drone. Operating drones without proof of liability insurance constitutes an administrative offence.

Damage arising from the operation of the drone may be covered by your existing liability insurance. However, some insurance companies offer separate insurance policies for drones (in some cases classified according to the type of drone). We recommend that you consult your insurance company to clarify your insurance cover.