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Safety information for drone operation

Advice for the safe use of drones

The operation of a drone may constitute a danger to others. Remote pilots should always be aware of this danger.

For this reason, all remote pilots should ask themselves the following questions before starting the flight:

  • Is this flight being conducted for a legal purpose?
  • Is there a risk that I could (unintentionally) invade other people’s privacy?
  • Will I endanger other persons with my drone flight?
  • Will I endanger the work of authorities and organizations responsible for public security and safety?

Since your drone is operated in the airspace and thus, in the public space, the relevant laws and regulations apply to the flight. Offences will be prosecuted by the competent authorities.

The risks for the remote pilot and the operator can be reduced by registration and using technical systems such as geofencing. Ultimately, you are still responsible for the flight.

In addition, you should always monitor the technical condition of your drone and get qualified assistance if this is necessary. For example, you should pay attention to your batteries which may cause damage and problems if they are incorrectly handled. You should only make alterations and modifications on your own if you have the appropriate knowledge. Moreover, we would like to point out that the drone will lose its C certification if you make modifications on your own. When operating a drone, your own safety and that of other persons will always be paramount.

Since most drones are equipped with sensors to record personal data (camera, microphone etc.), their operation is subject to data protection provisions in particular. In Germany, compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (German only) of the European Union (GDPR) and the Federal Data Protection Act is mandatory.

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