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EU certificate of remote pilot competency

The operation of a drone in the ‘open’ operation category is subject to different conditions as regards the qualification of the pilot, depending on the sub-category (A1, A2, A3). If you do not know which subcategory is relevant for you, you can find this information here.

Sample of a Certificate of remote pilot competency, including logos of EASA, LBA and a QR-code, issued for A1/A3 and A2 category. Text: remote pilot certificate of competence. Issued to Maximilian Mustermann.

In addition to the proof of competence, the operation of a drone in sub-category A2 requires a practical self-study (German only) course as well as the passing of a theory test. The theory test can only be taken and/or the certificate of remote pilot competency can only be obtained at the testing centres for remote pilots (PStF) designated by the Federal Aviation Office. Further information on the qualifications for remote pilots can be found here (German only).

List of testing centres (German only)

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